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Jawaharial Omar Williams


Women's Rights

Protecting women's rights to quality reproductive healthcare and the right to earn a fair and equal wage

Employment Opportunities

Strengthening the working class by increasing access to the construction trades and apprenticeship opportunities

Capital Improvements

Bringing capital improvements to the district, which will lead to more construction jobs for residents

Establishing Connections 

Connecting 10th District residents to city, county and state services to enhance their quality of life


About Jawaharial Omar Williams                     

Jawaharial Omar Williams has been committed to helping others since he was a child. Creating opportunities and establishing equity for every Illinois resident are among his core values and is what has driven him to a life of service to his community.

Williams grew up in Chicago, where he attended both Marshall and Senn High Schools. Although he grew up in underserved communities, Williams attended schools in areas with more resources, which allowed him to see first-hand how politics can influence change. His experience drove him to become a voice for the voiceless.

Williams got involved in politics at an early age, volunteering alongside his mother who worked on Harold Washington’s mayoral campaign and was a Cook County Commissioner. But it was a summer internship as a clerk for the Cook County Courts that sparked Williams’ interest in the judicial process. The internship inspired him to major in criminal justice at Northeastern Illinois University where he earned a B.A.

Before serving in the Illinois House of Representatives, Williams served as President of the Young Democrats on both the state and national level. He also worked as a Precinct Captain for Secretary of State Jesse White and 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett.

Throughout his career, Williams has maintained a connection with his community and the issues that matter most. He understands that many of the residents of his district don’t have access to the economic resources and opportunities they need to succeed and has prioritized working to connect people with job opportunities, particularly in the construction trades.

Williams is an active member of the Laborers’ International Union of North America and the Plumbers Local 130 UA. He has been endorsed by Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, Speaker of the Illinois House Michael Madigan, and 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr.

In his free time, Williams has coached several adult league softball teams. He also loves watching true crime shows and volunteering. 


Jawaharial Omar Williams                     


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Establishing The Right Connections

Social Equality And Rights

This is a critical moment in our history. The middle class is facing a major crisis. Throughout the 10th District, I have heard from residents who are worried about losing their homes and keeping their children safe.

As a lifelong Chicago resident, I have witnessed the dramatic disparity of income and resources that exists in this city. But I believe that equal access to quality education and employment opportunities will help close the wealth gap. That’s why I am committed to bringing new jobs and training programs into the 10th District – particularly in the construction industry.

In my short time in office, I’ve already been working to push through legislation on key issues including the creation of clean energy jobs and health and social services resources that are designed to help school-aged children succeed. And I’m prepared to continue working on creating positive solutions that will have a direct impact on the lives of the residents of this district.

The path forward will not be easy. But with your support, I know we can bring about real change.

I’m looking forward to building a stronger Illinois with you.

Rep. Jawaharial Omar Williams 


Illinois State Representative

Omar Williams

Building a
Stronger Illinois


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